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Your donation helps provide world-class training and innovative research in minimally invasive surgery.

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Support IRCAD Africa: Empower Surgeons, Save Lives

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Why Donate?

Transforming Surgical Practices

Expert Faculty: Our training programs are led by world-renowned experts in minimally invasive surgery. Your donation supports these leaders as they mentor the next generation of surgeons, sharing their expertise and fostering professional growth.

State-of-the-Art Facilities: IRCAD Africa boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including advanced surgical laboratories and immersive training environments.

Your contribution ensures these resources remain accessible to surgeons across Africa, empowering them to deliver exceptional patient care.

Global Impact: IRCAD Africa welcomes trainees from diverse backgrounds, fostering a global network of healthcare professionals committed to advancing surgical techniques. Your donation strengthens this collaborative effort, driving global health improvements through knowledge sharing and skill development.

What they're saying


It's been a fantastic experience coming to IRCAD Africa in Kigali, as the first type of center where such excellent facilities are available for training in laparoscoic surgery.

DR. Akinoso Olujimi Coker , MD

General, Colorectal Surgery , Lagos, Nigeria


Its amazing what have been put forward to move forward minimal access surgery in Africa and I love the participation, the different individuals , resource  person and participants from all over Africa

Prof. Ezome Emmanuel

President of the west African College of Surgeons


It was such a privilege to come to IRCAD Africa, and it has been a lovely, wonderful , invredible experience with hands on, lecture we had. It was very informative and they were confidence building.

DR. Racheal Janr Ayikoru

GIT Surgeon , Uganda

Donate to Training Programs

Empower Surgeons, Transform Healthcare

  • Hands-On Training: Your donation directly funds hands-on training sessions where surgeons learn the latest techniques in minimally invasive surgery. From laparoscopic procedures to advanced endoscopic interventions, our programs equip medical professionals with essential skills to enhance patient care.
  • Theoretical Excellence: Beyond practical experience, IRCAD Africa emphasizes theoretical knowledge. Your support enables us to provide comprehensive educational resources, including seminars, workshops, and online modules, ensuring surgeons stay at the forefront of medical innovation.
  • Impact Stories: Hear from our trainees whose careers have been transformed by IRCAD Africa. Through your generosity, you empower surgeons to save lives and improve healthcare outcomes in their communities.

Donate to Research & Development

Pioneering Medical Innovation

  • Augmented Surgery Research: Guided echography is a critical tool in African operating rooms. By supporting our Research & Development department, you contribute to pioneering studies that enhance surgical precision and patient safety. Our goal is to expand augmented surgery techniques, making them accessible across the continent.
  • Growing Medical R&D: From a team of seven in 2020 to fifteen by 2025, IRCAD Africa aims to become the largest Medical R&D team in Africa. Your donation fosters a culture of innovation, enabling our researchers to explore new frontiers in minimally invasive surgery and develop solutions tailored to regional healthcare needs.
  • Long-Term Impact: By investing in IRCAD Africa’s R&D initiatives, you drive sustainable advancements in healthcare. Together, we can tackle complex medical challenges, improve surgical outcomes, and ensure equitable access to high-quality healthcare solutions.