Basic to Intermediate Course

September 11 -14, 2024

The comprehensive nature of the surgical symposium on wrist, hand, and elbow procedures aims to encompass a wide array of techniques and approaches in these specialized areas of orthopedic surgery.

By delving into indications for surgical intervention and addressing potential operative complications, the symposium ensures thorough understanding and preparedness among surgeons.

The incorporation of video broadcasts facilitates a detailed exploration of surgical techniques, allowing for a visual and practical grasp of the intricacies involved. Furthermore, fostering dialogue between seasoned experts and surgeon trainees promotes knowledge exchange and cultivates a rich learning environment conducive to skill enhancement and professional development.

Through hands-on sessions featuring live tissue practice under the guidance of experts, attendees gain invaluable experience in various surgical modalities, including wrist arthroscopic and open surgery, ultrasound surgery, and elbow arthroscopic and open surgery. These interactive sessions not only refine technical proficiency but also instill confidence in applying learned concepts to real-world scenarios.

Moreover, discussions on postoperative clinical outcomes and evidence-based practices offer practical insights into optimizing patient care and advancing the field of orthopedic surgery. In essence, the symposium serves as a platform for comprehensive education, skill refinement, and knowledge dissemination in the realm of wrist, hand, and elbow surgery.

Combined Courses: Wrist Arthroscopy, Ultrasound Surgery & Elbow Arthroscopy

From: 1,500 $

September 11, 2024 – September 14, 2024